Empowering victims to hold accountable the supporters of 
terrorism and genocide

August 27, 2013 - French court calls for investigation of potential complicity of French companies in the 1988 chemical weapons attacks on the town of Halabja, in Iraqi Kurdistan read more

Seeking Justice for Victims & Survivors
"We saw a young girl sitting on the legs of her father and mother, crying and screaming. I asked her why she was crying and she said that we had been bombed with chemical weapons. At that point I fell down and I heard my eldest daughter say “Mom, mom take care of little brother” before she fell dead...." 

Our Vision


Global Justice Group (GJG) was created to empower victims and survivors of genocide and terrorism by exposing to the world the entities used by terrorist organizations to fund and enable such crimes in an effort to hold them accountable in courts of law. In this way, we seek to create avenues for victims to reclaim their dignity and achieve the justice they deserve.


Our Mission


GJG supports victims of genocide and terrorism worldwide, irrespective of race, religion, ethnic group or gender. We recognize, and work to secure, the unalienable rights of all victims to justice, fair treatment, restitution, compensation and assistance. We sponsor research aimed at revealing and publicizing the entities that finance, support and perpetrate these crimes. We assist victims in asserting their rights through civil litigation in their quest for justice and compensation from those responsible for enabling such atrocities. And we provide a forum for the discussion and development of policies to counter the threats of terrorism, protecting the right of individuals everywhere to live in safety, without fear.

Established in 2003, Global Justice Group (GJG) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, non-political human rights organization registered in the State of Illinois, USA and recognized as an exempt charity by the Internal Revenue Service of the USA under IRC §501 (c)(3).