In January 2009, a lawsuit was brought on behalf of 197 victims of terrorist attacks in Israel that were orchestrated, directed, aided and supported by Saddam Hussein and his regime. The lawsuit alleges that several American and foreign companies (including the El Paso Energy Corporation and Bayoil) knowingly aided and abetted the Saddam regime in carrying out dozens of attacks in Israel by transferring over $60 million to Saddam Hussein, in violation of UN sanctions and US and international law. Saddam contracted suicide bombers to commit terrorism and mass murder and then transferred these funds through the Arab Liberation Front, a terrorist organization controlled and directed by the Iraqi intelligence, to the families of suicide bombers and other terrorists in accordance to Iraqi incitement campaigns to encourage and direct terrorism against Israeli and American civilians.

In October 2015, the plaintiffs and two of the defendant oil companies entered into a settlement agreement favorable to the plaintiffs.