Global Justice Group was founded on the belief that by holding the supporters of terror and genocide accountable, we can offer the victims of such attacks the opportunity to seek compensation and reclaim their dignity. Our team is dedicated to helping empower victims around the world in their pursuit of recognition and justice.

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Anne Dubitzky, Executive Director

Anne Dubitzky came to Global Justice Group with a passion to use her legal and non-for-profit management experience to help victims and survivors of terrorism, genocide, and crimes against humanity seek justice.  Before joining Global Justice Group, Ms. Dubitzky practiced law in Boston, Massachusetts and served as a Vice-President of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston for almost 20 years.  She was also an adjunct faculty member at Boston College Law School.  Ms. Dubitzky is a graduate of Harvard Law School (J.D.) and Wellesley College (B.A.).


Sami Jalal, Director of Middle East Branch

Sami Jalal, a native of Halabja, Kurdistan, has been instrumental in the fight for justice on behalf of the victims of the chemical attacks by the Saddam Hussein regime on the Kurdish citizens of Iraq.  Sami Jalal served in the UNDP under the leadership of the late Sami Abdul Rahman, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, from 1999 until 2004. Mr. Jalal later served as Director of Security for Dr. Ros Nuri Shawish during his tenure as Vice President of the Iraq Republic and later as Deputy Prime Minister, and he worked as a Project Consultant in the Office of Development and Investment Authority (KDC) in Erbil.


Kay Wilson, International Liaison

Kay Wilson grew up in the UK. She has worked for the past several years as a tour guide in Israel for both Christian and Jewish groups.  Ms. Wilson survived a brutal terrorist attack while guiding in Israel in December 2010. Since the attack, Ms. Wilson has become a human rights activist.  She is in a demand as a motivational speaker and speaks to audiences around the world on issues of human rights and justice for victims of terrorism. She is also a jazz musician.

Dr. Rafael Diaz-Balart, Founder

The late Dr. Diaz-Balart was a visionary who spent his life fighting for democracy and the liberation of the Cuban people who suffered greatly under the tyranny of the Castro dictatorship. He founded the international freedom foundation, La Rosa Blanca, which led the struggle for freedom for Cuba and represented millions of Cuban exiles.  Drawing on his deep commitment to the pursuit of justice and freedom, Dr. Diaz-Ballart envisioned the formation of Global Justice Group as a charitable foundation dedicated to assisting victims of terror and genocide fight for their dignity and rights. Dr. Diaz-Balart held a PhD in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; a Post-Doctorate in Comparative Law, from University of Strasbourg, France and a Juris Doctor from University of North Oriente, Cuba.