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GJG and the survivors are engaged in a continuous dialogue to develop and advance creative strategies in accessing remedies and enforcing rights for victims of international crimes. Survivors’ voices are too often marginalized or silenced in the public discourse about legislation and policy to prevent and combat serious international crimes.

GJG supports survivors to advocate for the enforcement of their rights and to be the drivers of change. Survivors bring to the public attention uniquely powerful, credible and helpful experiences and perspectives, which alongside professional expertise can contribute to shape and implement the policy and legislative framework making a wider change with a permanent impact in society.

GJG supports survivor-led networks, organizations and individual advocates in the fight for their rights providing victims-rights literacy and leadership training in collaboration with experts and specialized organizations, promoting dialogue with the relevant institutions and stakeholders, as well as sponsoring specifically selected campaigns aimed at obtaining actual results in terms of either policy or legislation.

GJG believes that amplifying the voices of the vulnerable is the best way to raise awareness and call for action to strengthen accountability, accelerate redress and realize justice.

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