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Our Research includes multidisciplinary expertise to meet the complex requirements of the fight for survivors’ rights, including investigation and evidentiary documentation of crimes, establishment of the causality chain that led to the abuses, identification of the victims of specific crimes and documentation of their individual claims, as well as professional legal research aimed at exploring all the possible judicial and alternative remedies available to pursue the achievement of justice. 

We work both with permanent and contract researchers, as well collaborate with grass-roots, professional and civil society organizations investigating, documenting and reporting human rights violations, international crimes and abuses. We have the ability to investigate in numerous languages including English, all of the European languages, Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew.

Throughout the years we have developed a unique expertise in financial research, tracing assets, unveiling international money laundering activities and documenting the financing of international crimes, which has led to major success in civil lawsuits brought on behalf of survivors who obtained compensation for their claims.

We are now devoting this expertise to explore possibilities of asset recovery from individuals, entities and states profiting from human rights abuses, in order either to compensate survivors holding compensatory judgments.

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