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We believe that education is the “most powerful weapon” to change the world GJG engages in Human Rights Literacy training and awareness-raising activities in different segments of society and several countries in order to accelerate as much as possible the process of advancing the status of remedy for victims of serious international crimes.

Improving Survivors Legal Awareness and Capacity: generally, victims of serious human rights abuses are not aware of national and international laws on human rights and corporate abuse, of their legal rights and of ways they can exercise their rights. Awareness is the first step for their empowerment to ensure participation and claim their rights. With the help of our training programs, survivors have taken the lead in identifying other victims, collecting the documentation to support legal proceedings and advocating legislative reforms for the implementation of legal frameworks ensuring greater protection.

Sharing Knowledge and Experience with Legal Practitioners: GJG is in continuous dialogue with US and foreign lawyers and law associations to exchange ideas and collaborate in the pursuit of remedies for survivors. We specialize in training programs on anti-impunity litigation (bringing civil claims for damages against enablers and perpetrators to obtain remedies for the affected individuals and increase accountability of state and non-state actors for human rights violations) and provide training also for paralegal professionals.

 Amicus Curiae: research shows that lack of know-how and expertise in dealing with complex transnational cases involving corporate human rights abuses and lack of experience in aggregating claims are among the main barriers to effective remedies. GJG Advisory Board and network of legal experts are available to assist courts providing Amicus Briefs.

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