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We seek legal representation for victims of international crimes in complex transnational civil lawsuits before national courts. The cases are designed to obtain compensation for the suffering inflicted from the perpetrators, profiteers and/or enablers of such crimes in order to end impunity and increase accountability of businesses, state and non-state actors. We collaborate with lawyers around the world to advance this practice in different jurisdictions.

 We select exemplary cases to achieve a wider impact. The objective of civil litigation is increasing the price of facilitating the perpetration of international crimes for the purpose of profit. All of our cases are consciously designed to break down the legal and practical barriers to access to remedy, advance the clarification, respect, protection and fulfilLment of survivors’ rights. 

Since our approach prioritizes the well-being and perspectives of survivors and is directed to promote and expand access to justice, our strategic casework includes judicial and non-judicial remedies, such as arbitrations, OECD complaints, UN complaints and others, as well as the recourse to international and/or regional courts, according to the suitability of the venue for the case at hand.

The impact of strategic litigation goes beyond the individual case, creating awareness, advocating for the cause, encouraging public debate, pushing for policy and legislative reform, and, in case of success, establishing precedents opening the way for many other cases to be brought at the national and/or global level.

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